The owners of The Striker on Bow Street in Portsmouth announced on Tuesday that they are closing their doors after Saturday night.

In a Facebook post, they said they did not receive federal grant relief from this last stimulus package set aside for restaurants. The funds were dispersed before their turn in line, they said.

The post had 272 reactions and 114 comments by 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Chef Evan Mallett, co-owner of Black Trumpet in Portsmouth, said the announcement "hits home hard."

"These guys are like brothers in the trenches. We have all fought so hard to pull through this, my heart goes out to them. I’m not ready to say 'There goes the neighborhood' yet. Portsmouth, let’s Save Our Striker!" Mallett posted.

Mallett has been trying to fight for restaurant workers and is known for his advocacy for the industry.

Mallett said on Wednesday morning that The Striker closing is sad news for a lot of people.

"Nobody is going to be happy to see it done," Mallett said. "It's a unique, charming space to see live music."

The Striker was working to bring in more live music to attract customers. The artists who played there are devastated.

Max Sullivan, of the Max Sullivan Group, said on Wednesday morning that the owners treated musicians who played at the restaurant feel like they were gold.

"It's not easy to find places that are passionate about live music right now," Sullivan said. "I was so excited to be part of a collection of musicians... My heart sank when I saw the post."

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo


The Max Sullivan Group will be playing at The Striker on Friday night.

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