There are some residents in York who aren't very happy with the plans a nearby pickleball club has to add more courts.

If you haven't heard about pickleball, it's a 50-year-old sport that is seeing a surge in interest recently.  It's played on a badminton size court and looks like a slower and smaller version of tennis with a lower net and using an odd-looking racket.

According to WMTW,  50 York residents who live near York Paddle Tennis and Pickleball don't like the noise coming from these pickleball courts with some even saying the sound is ruining their quality of life. Really?

So here's my hot take on this. Sounds like typical NIMBYS whose feathers are ruffled because they think they can't sit out on their deck with the noise from people having fun and getting exercise. Your quality of life is ruined? Come on. You live in York. Your quality of life is just fine.

For reference, this Google Maps image shows where homes are located around York Paddle Tennis and Pickle Ball.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Let's also take note that Route 91 runs right near the homes that the NIMBYS live in. Does that noise not bother you? It's not like some monstrosity of a 10-story hotel is being constructed next to you. If the noise has already ruined your quality of life, are a few more courts going to really make it any worse for you?

What do you think? Are these complaints justified, or do you think the residents are overreacting?

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