Editor's Note: It appears that Pharaoh the Peacock is off the market.

His owner, Theresa LaBrecque, posted on Facebook that he has gotten "married."

LaBrecque wrote on Northwood NH Community Page on Monday morning to thank the people who reported their sightings of Pharaoh while he was on the run looking for love.

"It was fun to read your posts. Feel like we all made new friends. Pharaoh is now home and he got married!" LaBrecque said.

An official "ceremony" may happen in the future. 

Original Story:

In an attempt to keep a peacock who escaped from The Fairy Farm from taking off again, two peahens were brought to him on Thursday.

Pharaoh the Peacock returned to the farm on Old Mountain Road in Northwood on May 22 after running off for two weeks as he tried to find a mate.

Pharaoh is between 12 and 13 years old and was in good condition when he returned.

Michael Magoon, who helped to lead a search for Pharaoh, said the peacock gobbled up some spinach when he got home. That's his favorite food.

Magoon and Pharaoh's owner, Theresa LaBrecque, have been searching for a peahen for the beloved peacock.

They ended up finding two.

Courtesy of Mike Magoon
Courtesy of Mike Magoon

"We finally found one through social media up in Litchfield, Maine, and so we made the road trip," Magoon said. "We were able to acquire two peahens and brought them back to the farm yesterday."

Magoon said when he left, the two new peahens, Pharaoh, and his friend, Hendrich, all seemed to be getting along.

"It's only been 24 hours, and so far, so good," Magoon said. "They instantly hit it off. They all seem to get along together."

Magoon said time will tell if Pharaoh and the peahens take to each other.

The Fairy Farm is a nonprofit farm which is open to the public, so people can go visit Pharaoh and his lady friends.

For more information, visit thefairyfarm.com.

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