Rochester may need to be re-named to "North Pole South"

The amount of generosity and Christmas Spirit that has come out of Rochester this entire holiday season has been nothing short of inspiring and amazing. Just last week, we highlighted good-hearted strangers in Rochester who helped a mother give her two daughters a Christmas. And today, we're highlighting a mother who is honoring her daughter's memory by spreading kindness.

'Kindness for Maddi' honors Madison Charlotte Weeks' memory

Heartbreakingly, almost 8 years ago on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, a horrific crash happened on Rt 202 in Rochester when Lori Weeks lost control of her vehicle due to snow and collided with another. Lori and her daughter, Madison (or Maddi, as she was affectionately known), were sent to the hospital. While Lori survived and recovered, unfortunately, Maddi's injuries were too severe for her to overcome.

Thus, Kindness for Maddi was born. According to the Facebook page, Kindness for Maddi "is a place to share your random acts of kindness in honor of Madison Charlotte Weeks."

So, what's with the random Christmas stockings around Rochester?

Yesterday morning (Monday, December 13), Lori posted in the You KNOW you're from Rochester when... group on Facebook, mentioning leaving random Christmas stockings scattered throughout Rochester.

"Keep your eyes out for Christmas stockings around town! I put two stockings out so far this morning and we have 18 more to give away! There's nothing fancy or extravagant inside but just something fun to brighten a stranger's day! Keep what you'd like and pass along what you don't. An opportunity to brighten someone else's day, too! The items were lovingly donated by a kind woman in memory of her Mom and lovingly packed up and given out by Kindness for Maddi in loving memory of our daughter."

Kudos to Lori for not only having the strength to go on every single day, but also taking any opportunity she can to highlight her daughter's spirit and celebrate her while inspiring an entire community.

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