A Sanbornton man moved by the massive destruction by tornados in eight states is heading there to help with cleanup.

At least 50 tornadoes moved through the region late Friday night and Saturday morning leaving 100 dead in Kentucky alone. FEMA teams and Red Cross teams are already in the state, according to CNN.   The town of Mayfield was nearly destroyed with nothing but rubble visible from aerial photos.

"This is the deadliest tornado event we've ever had," Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear told CNN on Sunday.

At least six people were killed when the roof collapsed at an Amazon warehouse outside St. Louis.

Sebastian Cannard, 19, turned his shock into action by packing a truck and trailer and heading south on Sunday. Cannard, who works at Jiffy Lube and told WMUR he belongs to no relief agency said he has been in touch with police in Kentucky and will join national disaster teams.

"We need to clean those roads to get the first responders in! 15+ Hour drive will be the longest part but I’m all for it," Cannard wrote on the Sandown, NH Community Facebook page.

Cannard, a former soccer player for Timberlane Regional High School, told WMUR he will be self-sufficient while in Kentucky by bringing along his own bedding and camping stove.

It's not Cannard's first time helping others.

He participated in the Tough Ruck 26.2 the week before the Boston Marathon to honor fallen military and first responders. Each member of the group of 1,000 carried the names of the fallen on a 35 lb backpack known as a rucksack along the Marathon route.

Cannard encouraged donations to the Red Cross and FEMA.

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