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The Red Sox Honored Jerry Remy Last Night at Fenway

The 2022 Boston Red Sox season may only be 12 games deep, but fans watching across New England have noticed one massively missing part of broadcasts -- Jerry Remy. Jerry sadly passed from lung cancer back in October, and this is the first season that we won't get to experience Remdawg goofing around on video or hear his trademark laughter on commentary during games.

Since he was beloved by Red Sox Nation for years, both during his playing years back in the late 70s and early 80s, and quite possibly mostly for his 30+ years of broadcasting with the Sox starting back in 1988, both the Red Sox and NESN held a Jerry Remy Tribute Night last night at Fenway.

Former reporters and teammates of Jerry filled the field in tribute

During the pregame ceremony, Jerry's former teammates from his eight seasons of playing with the Sox, including Carl Yastrzemski, Bob Stanley, Fred Lynn, Dwight Evans, Dennis Eckersley, Jim Rice, and Rick Burleson all took the field during the tribute. On top of that, former broadcasters for the Sox that worked with Jerry over the years were also part of the tribute, including Dan Roche, Tom Caron, Tina Cervasio, Eric Frede, Jenny Dell, Heidi Watney, and more.

But of all those broadcasters that were just listed, one name who quite possibly was the closest with Jerry throughout the years was noticeably absent.

The Red Sox and NESN never played Don Orsillo's tribute video for Jerry

Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy were legitimately the voice of the Red Sox for 15 seasons together from 2001 to 2015. And quite honestly, the Red Sox commentary team was probably never more popular and will never be as popular ever again. The chemistry Don and Jerry shared made sitting through 3+ hours of a baseball game fly by, and some (if not most) times, they were more entertaining than the game itself.

Case in point, the iconic pizza incident from April 16, 2007 that will forever live in infamy. In fact, the moment was so memorable that Don actually acknowledged the 15th anniversary of it last week.

According to a late-night Twitter post last night from Don, who now lives in San Diego and is the lead broadcaster for the Padres, he was originally scheduled to be involved in the tribute to Jerry last night. Unfortunately, it looks like for whatever reason, the Sox and/or NESN decided not to include the video he sent. So he delivered his tribute message to Jerry anyway via social media.

Good for Don for not letting this just sleep under the radar, and shame on the Sox and/or NESN for not including not only one of Jerry's best commentary partners, but one of his best friends in life.

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