It seems like just yesterday, Oprah was a speaker at UMass Lowell's Chancellor's Speaker Series. I'll never forget that she decided to grab a bite to eat at Cobblestones, of all places! I love this decision, because my husband and I are huge Cobblestones fans. We actually had dinner there the night before, so we were so close to breathing the same air as the queen herself. I like to think she shouted to the entire restaurant: "YOU get braised beef short ribs, and YOU get braised beef short ribs!"

According to the Lowell Sun, Cobblestones is no stranger to A-Listers. The Rock, Barry Manilow, Mark Walhberg and Venus, and Serena Williams have all been! When Oprah heard that Serena Williams had been to Cobblestones twice, she joked that she just might have to come back to one up her.

The owners tried to keep her presence on the down-low, but when Oprah walks into a dining room, people notice! Some people even cried. She was very gracious with all of the guests, and even took selfies upon request.

Oprah, if you happen to be reading this, I think it's time you pay us another visit! We're ready for you.

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