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There is a phenomenal historic account of the Gonic Mill on the Facebook group 'You know you're from Rochester NH, if you...' and I'm going to add some of my own additions that are both historical and hopefully accurate.

I drive by this location at least twice a day, my Grandfather, Lorenzo Lapierre, worked there for decades and so much of this history I didn't realize until today.

Click here for an amazing historical account of The Gonic Mill!

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Thanks to Willow Przekop for their awesome write up.

It blows my mind that there was a mill structure at that site in the 1830's! And there is still a large portion of the building today that dates back to 1849!

The four story brick structure that I look at everyday was built in 1865? All of this is mind blowing stuff that I probably was told several times when I was younger but not mature enough to appreciate it.

One historical fact that I do remember hearing that is not mentioned on this article is that the roof was blown off during Hurricane Carol in 1954 and it landed directly on the parking lot, destroying several cars.

Luckily, no one was killed. Even luckier for my Pepere who always walked to work since he lived just a short distance down the road.

He passed away in 1989 and although I always knew that he was a weaver, I never had any clue as to which floor he worked on. Now I know he worked on the first floor!

Such a great haul of local history!

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