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Teachers will always have a soft spot in my heart because I was raised by two of them. To be a good teacher you must possess a certain level of understanding and compassion.

The best teacher I've had was my second grade teacher at Johnny Appleseed Elementary School in Leominster, Massachusetts. Her name was Mrs. Lee.

Mrs. Lee knew that I had a passion for reading and wanted to be writer one day. She was always rooting for me to succeed, and I felt that even at such a young age. When I was in high school, I got a letter from her saying she saw that I was starring in the high school musical and wanted to congratulate me. She said she always knew I would do great things. That right there is a good teacher.

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Someone posted on the You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you... Facebook page asking people about their favorite Rochester teachers. I absolutely love this! Educators need to be pumped up and reminded of the impact they have on their students' lives, especially now.

Here are the teachers that are getting praise and recognition from the people of Rochester:

Mrs. Flaker - Spaulding High School - World History

"I loved her style of teaching. it was lecturing, projects, note taking and only used a text book for reference..I loved history and still do."

Mr. Ike - Spaulding High School - Small engines

"Mr. Ike had a profound impact on me. He was a good man. I considered him a mentor as much as a teacher. He had a great sense of humor."

Mrs. Roberta Dubois - Spaulding High School

"Mrs. Dubois went SO far out of her way to see to it that I didn’t give up, when I was just being a rebellious teenager. She even called me at home to talk to me, one on one. It made all the difference in the course of my life."

Mrs. Houston - Spaulding High School

"Mrs. Houston is so loving and kind. She cares highly about not only her music kids, but as the Dean of Spaulding, her school kids. It’s been about a year since we’ve all been in the halls of Spaulding yet her and Cheryl Richardson still reach out to us with kind words of wisdom and always there for us even after we graduate."

Mr. Emerson - 7th Grade Math

"Math has never been easy for me, but in his class learning was effortless. His wacky stories just made you want to listen. He had me laughing until I cried pretty much every day. Plus he juggles!"

Mrs. Shep - Spaulding High School

She was amazing! I had no interest in school...especially up here. As far as I was concerned, I was going back to FL anyway so who cared, but she made me care. I looked forward to her class everyday. And I loved the jacks competitions."

Mrs. Davita Lauren Fortier - 1st Grade - McClelland school

"She is so devoted to her kids or any kid! She has run or helped with so many things such as jump rope club, student council, helped with school play, helping for Christmas, math club etc...Also she is always improving her teaching skills even after 30 + years teaching."

Mrs. Hanscom - 6th Grade - Rochester Middle School

"She’s amazing! She’s kind, caring, compassionate and really wants the best for her students!"

 Mr. Farquhar - Spaulding High School - Algebra

"Best algebra teacher ever. He is the reason I want to be an algebra teacher. I would stay after school just to talk with him and hangout while he graded papers. He would always comfort me when I had a bad day. I still email him occasionally and talk with him."

Mrs. Riddley - Spaulding High School

"Mrs. Riddley told me I was too smart to act dumb....ended up in honors classes because of her."

There are so many more; I couldn't fit them all!

It's clear there have been (and continue to be) so many amazing teachers in the Rochester school system. Teachers, please know how appreciated you are. We can't wait for schools to be back open so the students can be taught by you face to face and not through a computer screen. Hang in there; we'll get through this.

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