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Even though we aren't in lock down mode anymore, businesses are still struggling to keep their heads above water.

All over New Hampshire and beyond we are seeing restaurants that used to be thriving debate whether it makes sense for them to keep their doors open.

And this Portsmouth spot, Row 34, took to their Facebook page in January to announce they are taking the next few months off and plan to reopen in the spring.

According to Row 34's Facebook page, their Boston location and sister restaurant Island Creek Oyster bar will be open on the weekends for takeout.

They are certainly not the only Portsmouth eatery going into hibernation mode due to Covid-19. Jumpin Jays, Moxy, Rudi's, Pocos, Cisco, and Martingale Wharf are also on the list.

Perhaps now that the holidays are behind us restaurants are anticipating less visitors and tourists during the Winter months.

Hopefully as the vaccine becomes more readily available, businesses will see an uptick and get back to where they were.

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