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Want to feel old? All of the Rugrats are old enough to drink. Not only that but are of age to be married, have kids, and have a mortgage.

Chuckie Finster and Lil DeVille are two of the Rugrats. Chuckie is known for being a bit of a scardey cat and Lil is known for always being down to get gross and dirty with her twin brother Phil.

There was one episode in the original run of the cartoon where Chuckie and Lil were an item.

Season 6 Episode 7b “I Do” follows Chuckie and Lil getting pretend married thanks to bigger kid Angelica returning from her duties as a flower girl and forcing them to play along. In true Rugrats fashion, the babies reflect what they witness from their own parents, TV, and stereotypes. They return “home” from their “moneymoon” where the babies discuss their day and have dinner. Later they become parents with younger baby Dil, that is until he leaves home (with his actual mom, Didi) and Chuckie and Lil battle with being empty nesters.

Put A Ring On It

On Odd By Nature Brewing’s latest release, Put A Ring On It, you can see Chuckie taking a knee and proposing to Lil with a Ring Pop, another 90s icon.

The Ring Pop isn’t just for show either. Put a Ring On It was conditioned on over 100 pounds of Ring Pops and Lifesavers!

This unique sour ale is bursting with strawberry and nostalgic hard candy flavor.

Odd By Nature Brewing

Odd By Nature Brewing in Cape Neddick has truly cornered the market in pop culture brews always releasing new and fun beers that you must try! Put A Ring On It is available now in 4 packs to go. As they describe it, “This beer reminds you to take chances and ask the one you love to be your person.”

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