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Doughnuts Galore

Maine has some very beloved donut spots. One of those beloved spots is Congdon's Doughnuts down in Wells. Congdon's is a cherished family-owned business that loves the community that they call home.

Congdon's is always looking to give back. When the pandemic hit in 2020 they made headlines after giving out rolls of toilet paper to customers when there was a shortage.

Congdon's is also known for being Maine's only food truck park and the largest food truck park in New England. Each summer after the donuts are sold they open their parking lot to trucks and a craft beer garden drawing in locals and tourists from all over.

Now Congdon's has teamed up with Odd By Nature Brewing in Cape Neddick for their latest release.

Odd By Nature Brewing

Odd By Nature in Cape Neddick, Maine not only makes a great beer but they are incredibly creative and fun with creating and naming each brew. The latest is called So Sorry.

So Sorry is an imperial stout that was conditioned on 10 dozen donuts from Congdon's Doughnuts. And if that wasn't enough breakfast-y goodness, they also used 32 pounds of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

While we would always suggest eating a full breakfast before day drinking at the brewery, So Sorry is the ideal breakfast beer.

You can get it on tap at Odd By Nature Brewing or to-go in a 4-pack starting on Thursday, March 3rd. Grab it while you can and maybe save a 4-pack or two to enjoy as a pre-game before hitting up Congdon's After Dark this summer!

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