A meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine, said on Friday afternoon that Saturday is the day to get outside in Portsmouth, NH.

"I would say Saturday is definitely going to be the pick of the weekend. Sunday won't be as nice of a day, but for Saturday, the weather looks nice," Meteorologist Hunter Tubbs said via telephone.

Tubbs said it would continue to rain until about 8 p.m. in Portsmouth on Friday night as thunderstorms passed through the area.

On Saturday, it will likely be sunny and in the 70s, Tubbs said.

Sunday has a higher chance of showers, making it less appealing to eat outside or participate in activities.

For people who like to shop downtown, they will still be able to bounce from store to store.

Monday appears to be a nice day - with temperatures in the 80s in Portsmouth - for people who are taking a long weekend or vacation next week.

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