Police allege a Seabrook man disposed of his gun in a vending machine after firing a shot in a Hampton roadway on Wednesday, according to a press release.

Timothy Heald, 43, of Seabrook was arrested by Hampton police Wednesday after allegedly discharging a pistol following a verbal altercation with another individual.

Police said they responded to L Street in Hampton after receiving a call reporting a gunshot just after midnight early Wednesday morning.

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Police allege Heald fired a round from a pistol in the middle of the roadway, per the release, and Heald's description was then put out to responding officers. Heald was located seconds later walking north on Ocean Boulevard near I Street, police said.

As a result of their investigation, police said Heald put his gun inside a nearby vending machine after the incident. Police also said a knife was found on Heald's person at the time of arrest.

Heald, whom police said was a convicted felon, was charged with reckless conduct, felon in possession of a dangerous weapon, and falsifying physical evidence, all felonies.

There were no injuries reported in the wake of the incident, which remains under investigation with the possibility of further charges in the future, police said.

Heald was held on no-bail status and was scheduled to be arraigned at Rockingham County Superior Court on Wednesday.

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