Editor's note: This is part of what will be an ongoing series highlighting local craft beer on the Seacoast. Each month, we will review one Seacoast beer before ultimately letting you, our readers, vote for the Seacoast Beer of the Year come December 2021.

I've always found a nice juxtaposition within Earth Eagle Brewing's New England Gangsta' IPA, which we're highlighting as January 2021's Seacoast Beer of the Month.

The beer itself is a west-coast style IPA, which is odd considering its claim to New England in its name from the Portsmouth brewery. We featured it back in our 10 hidden gem beers on the Seacoast and I simply couldn't resist giving it some more love in our first installment of Seacoast Beer of the Month.

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It doesn't look like your average IPA, either. It pours an almost burnt orange, marmalade color that is significantly darker than you'd expect.

A large number of fruit flavors are readily apparent; mango, pineapple and tangerine all show up in good force. That almost makes it sound like a summer beer, but the added elements of caramel and a just-right maltiness provide some autumn vibes as well.

It's a year-round drinker, for sure.

At 6.5% ABV, it's not too strong to be a regular go-to choice. BeerAdvocate.com gives it an 89% rating and a 4.04 out 5 stars.

Seacoast Current rating: 4 out of 5.

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