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Warning: The following video may be graphic for some people

First of all, the moose was fine.  I only watched the video of this majestic moose colliding with this white Jeep Cherokee  AFTER I knew he or she was just fine, because let's be honest, it's a brutal video and made me cry.

"Watch for Wildlife" signs are common here in Maine and New Hampshire, just like they are in all states filled with wildlife.

Here's the video that I went searching for on YouTube, after an article I wrote about the best roads in New Hampshire to view moose got me thinking more about the safety aspect.

This collision happened almost six years ago and it's a disturbing, sobering reminder for you and I to stay alert as we hit the roadways more than we have in the last couple of years for our summer and fall getaways around Maine and New Hampshire.  

Because May through October is moose season all over the country, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game, we know to be vigilant with our speed and travel on highways and roadways, especially during dusk when they tend to appear near roadways and try to cross them.


Just remembering this video was a reminder for me, and now hopefully you, to slow down when you see wildlife crossing signs or several cars pulled over.  I'm so glad the people in the car are fine, too.  I've been in a situation like this when a huge deer totaled my X5 and almost caused a pile-up after he jumped over a guard rail on I-70 between Vail and Breckenridge, landing right on us.  It's a horrifying experience that leaves you shaken and me in tears.  That deer didn't make it.

According to this video, the Parks and Recreation Department in the area along Highway 9 tracked the moose for quite a while and it walked away just fine.

While Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a Wildlife Crossing Projects, including one for just that 138-mile highway through central Colorado, both Maine and New Hampshire have wildlife corridor projects as well.

Oregon even has 'Watch for Wildlife' license plates.  I'd love to see New Hampshire, Maine, and Colorado create those, too.  I'd get one for sure.

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