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If you grew up in this area, the chances are pretty high that your very first job was at a Market Basket store. In my hometown of Leominster, Mass., everyone and their mother worked at the Market Basket next to the movie theater.

The girls worked as cashiers and the boys were bag boys. Many young romances budded and bloomed in those checkout lines, let me tell you.

All my friends who worked at Market Basket in high school spoke very highly of it. The company notoriously does a great job fostering strong work ethics in its young employees.

I saw an unbelievably positive Facebook thread (a rare find these days) that lead me to believe that young Market Basket employees are still killing it! Especially one in particular.

The post said:

"I don’t know who's son is working at the Market Basket on Lafayette Rd. In Portsmouth (blonde hair, short) but your son is killing it! I wouldn’t be surprised if he owns that store one day! #delightfulteenagers"

In a world where the internet can be such a toxic trash bag filled with negativity, this post hit me square in the feels! I love that a member of this group took the time to post about her positive experience with a teenager.

I can only hope that someone who works at this Market Basket prints out this post and puts it in the breakroom! This kid deserves to know what a great job he is doing and so do his parents and managers.

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