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We all know that gas prices have been insanely high this year. The prices have gone up, then back down, and have been skyrocketing yet again.

I would drive down the street and one-day prices would be $3.99 and then the next day it was back to $4.27. Sometimes when we see the lower gas prices, we don't choose to fill our gas tanks that day and choose to go one more day, only to realize that we messed up. At least, I know I've been upset over not filling my gas tank a day earlier.

Granted gas prices have been extremely high, it also depends on where you are. Driving around, I've realized that some gas station locations are cheaper than others. For instance, the gas station near work is always cheaper than the one near my house, even though they are the same company.

Well, we are not the only ones complaining about these insane gas prices. On Friday, April 29th, Maine author, Stephen King, took to Twitter to share his rant about high gas prices.

Stephen King sent out four consistent tweets about gas prices, well more about oil companies.

King talks about how oil companies, which he refers to as "oil fat cats," have millions of dollars, while others do not have money to even afford gas, heating oil, or a propane tank.

It's true, gas prices have been so high that it makes getting gas a challenge at times, never knowing how much we are actually going to be spending. Stephen King goes on to write that these oil companies shouldn't call themselves patriots.

Stephen King's four profanity-laced tweets went off on oil companies and big corporations. You can read exactly what he said here.

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