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It truly feels like summer just started in New England. After a spring that felt more like a frigid fall, the page flipped right from spring into summer, complete with almost a full month of heat wave weather to boot.

And just like that, we enter mid-August and the tail end of summer out of nowhere. And with fall around the corner, we're running out of time to indulge in our favorite frozen treats hand-delivered out of a truck, and also running out of time to mentally travel back in time to some of the favorite moments of our respective childhoods.

Ice Cream trucks bring back memories

Whether it's the sound of a childhood song blasting throughout the neighborhood followed by screams of "ICE CREAM MAN!" or seeing someone walk by you with a Ninja Turtle or Pink Panther ice cream bar with bubble gum eyeballs -- all things ice cream trucks bring back the best nostalgia.

Yesterday, it was mentioned that between a move away and the pandemic, it's possible that some New Englanders have forgotten that ice cream trucks were still a thing. And that got us thinking -- of all the items offered on ice cream trucks, either back in the day or currently, what are the most popular?

There was no contest at all for some of the top choices, while other items named brought on a solid, "OH YEAH I REMEMBER THOSE!" reaction. Enjoy a trip down memory lane as we run through the most popular and favorite ice cream truck treats in New England, ranked.

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