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For Bill Belichick, the season is never truly “over.” And that makes sense, as we already know who the Patriots will be playing less than 24 hours after their 2022 season came to a disappointing end at the hands of the mighty Buffalo Bills.

While the team’s schedule has not been released, their opponents list was published this week. As they do every year, the Pats will play the divisional rival Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins at home and away. But there are some other interesting games on the docket as well.

As far as AFC matchups, the Patriots will host the Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, and Kansas City Chiefs. On the road, they will travel to Denver to take on the Broncos and Pittsburgh to challenge the Steelers.

The Patriots will also visit Las Vegas for the second consecutive year to play the Raiders (and if their fans are rude to you, don't sweat it, cause you'll get to hang out with Robert Kraft).

If you live in the New York area, you’re in luck, because you’ll have two chances to see the Patriots up close. The Patriots will make a second trip to MetLife Stadium to face their former Super Bowl foils, the New York Giants.

They’ll also travel to Dallas for a high-profile matchup with the Cowboys, in addition to hosting games against the New Orleans Saints and Washington Commanders.

At least…that’s what we think things will look like. Because it seems one of those games will be played at a neutral site overseas.

According to the team’s website, the Patriots are slated to play one “home” game in Germany. More details will emerge once the full schedule is published in the spring.

Old friend Tom Brady played in the league's first contest in Munich this past fall. Could Brady make a return trip in '23 with a new/old team?

Which is perhaps the one place where Belichick would be seen as the “fun guy" (assuming he's still the coach).

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