The ANGRY Donut in Newburyport announced it has purchased another restaurant and is planning to move from its current location to downtown Newburyport, according to a Facebook post.

Posting Tuesday on Facebook, The ANGRY Donut said it had recently bought The Purple Onion, a sandwich shop in the heart of the city. Now, The ANGRY Donut is hoping to move into the newly vacated location "as soon as possible," the post said.

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The ANGRY Donut, which also has a location in Stratham, said it plans to incorporate its current food and drink offerings as well as a full lunch menu upon relocation, which is currently pending cosmetic and color renovations, according to the post.

The Purple Onion confirmed the news on their own Facebook page, and said they "were fortunate to find buyers who wanted to take over the space and bring their very successful business to a location that I know means a lot to Newburyport and a lot to me personally."

Here's an excerpt of The Purple Onion's full statement posted to their Facebook page:

We want to wholeheartedly thank our customers over the years who have been so incredibly supportive and a pleasure for us to get to know. We will miss the casual conversations and laughs over the counter while you were waiting for your meals. The generous tips the people of Newburyport added on to their takeout orders during the pandemic literally brought me to tears more than once. You people are unbelievable, and I’ll remember our friendships for a long, long, time.

For The ANGRY Donut, the move will be a sentimental one. One of the owners, Tom, wrote on Facebook that the downtown Newburyport location was once Hazel's Yarn, where his mother would park and purchase yarn to knit the family hats, mittens, sweaters and other items.

Here is the full post from The ANGRY Donut on the move:

Big announcement folks! We have recently purchased the Purple Onion and will be moving the ANGRY Donut from Winter St to the heart of downtown Newburyport as soon as possible. We are presently making some cosmetic and color renovations and such. As you may guess, we’ll incorporate our current food/drink offerings along with a full lunch menu and fun specials. We plan to continue the Winter St locale with similar food and drinks in its cafe setting. This space for me personally (Tom) is extra sentimental from when it was Hazel’s Yarn and my mom would park on Inn St (showing my age) and buy yarn to knit us sweaters, hats, mittens etc. More information will be forthcoming and, as always, thanks for all your love and support. Jill & Tom

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