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People who grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts are probably pretty passionate about roast beef. Whether you loved Land n Sea, Bill and Bob's, Nick's or Kelly's, North Shore kids know how they like their roast beef and it's probably three-way.

Thanks to a very informational article by a guy who takes roast beef sandwiches a little too seriously, you can learn three way means with American Cheese, James River BBQ sauce, and of course Cain's Extra heavy mayonnaise.

Hungry yet?

Credit Kelly's FB Page
Credit Kelly's FB Page

It is no secret that New Hampshire is made up of many a Massachusetts transplant. And it turns out, there is a group of roast beef enthusiasts on Facebook who are on a quest to find the best North Shore style roast beef sandwich here in the Granite State.

Check out our list to help you find this delicious meal:

The Best Places to get a North Shore Style Roast Beef in New Hampshire

If we are missing any gems on our list let us know in the comments!

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