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Tom Brady on Monday Night Football

If you watched last night's Monday Night Football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints, then you saw vintage Tom Brady from his New England Patriots days, leading his team to an amazing comeback win.

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And while that's newsworthy since it feels like it's been a while since we've seen THAT Brady, that's not what caught our eye yesterday.

Tom Brady's Family

Before getting to yesterday, let's rewind real quick. For years, mainly from people outside of New England since he was always viewed here as a God by some people and most definitely the G.O.A.T. by most people, Brady has gotten slammed for what feels like a really weird family dynamic.

There have been mentions of Tom Brady kissing his father on the lips, and of course you can't forget the controversy from a few years ago during the Tom vs Time documentary where Tom had his son kiss him on the lips, twice, the second of which was called awkward and lingering by some viewers.

Yesterday, Tom's daughter Vivi turned 10 years old. And like a proud parent does, he celebrated his kiddo for the world to see on social media and wished her a happy birthday.

And based on the reactions, that might've been a bit of a mistake.

At first glance -- actually, you can't even say at first glance this looks like a picture of a loving father with his son and daughter. Because right away, the first thing that's noticeable is that it looks like Vivi is flipping off the camera.

And we can let the reactions to this picture from TB12 take it from there because they're truly a wild ride.

"Is she flipping us off?" - jacob_tollison22


"Happy Birthday to your daughter. Now Please come back, you’re a Patriot you can live in the warm weather in the offseason. Cold is football weather you were a Buc for a moment. Gillette is the house that Brady built. The Pats have cap space this offseason they can sell out and let’s do it one more time. Retire a Patriot, you helped transform this area culturally, financially and we’ve proven we’d defend that wall for you. You don’t owe us anything but a chance to bring this full circle could be very special." - kevin.poirier.33449


"Bro always gotta be kissing his son." - mrdeleusomme


"I think shes flipping off mommy’s boyfriend she was forced to be with immediately after her and daddy’s split. Why you such a hussy mommy? Daddy can have any young hottie he wants but shows restraint. You old and feel the need to flaunt your ability to get someone." - whitecaddy1995


"Tom, why are you grabbing her like that? I like you, but you do some odd things." - squethanator


"he posted this thinking about how much he loves football." - robodaddy69


"I think she’s flipping us off but her hands are backwards. is she flipping off Tom??????????" - carpet_cleaner_chaos


"Not enough joy where you retire and spend time with her lol." - hatch.10

Anyone hungry for Roasted G.O.A.T. for dinner?

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