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Holidays and family gatherings are simply the best. With Easter right around the corner, I'm sure you are looking forward to getting your own tribe together and enjoying some family traditions. Maybe every year you whip up the best deviled eggs this side of the Piscataqua River. Your brother always complains that they smell like farts but you insist he's just jealous because everyone loves them and his veggie plate is lame.

But as fun as holidays are, sometimes they come with a side of stress ESPECIALLY if you are the one hosting. You don't want to slave away all day in the kitchen! You want to sit back and drink too many mimosa's with your sassy Aunt Carol.

Well, here's an idea! Why not bring this party somewhere where EVERYONE is a guest? Easter at a restaurant! Why the heck not?

The following Seacoast restaurants are open on Easter Sunday, according to the fine folks on the Seacoast Eats Facebook page.

Restaurant at Smuttynose, Hampton NH

Sure, Jesus turned water into wine, not beer. But if beer was around in those days, I bet the big JC would be a fan. Why not enjoy Easter dinner at brewery?

Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth NH

Easter Buffet = all you can eat lamb and ham! Sign a sister up!

STREET, Portsmouth NH

They recently posted on Facebook that they have food on their menu from every continent...well almost. Antarctica was a tough one. (lol)

Popover's at Brickyard Square, Epping NH

This is the place for your Easter treats! Sometimes I go in there just to look at their pastry case and drool. They are open Easter Sunday 11am - 4pm.

The Atlantic Grill, Rye NH

They recommend adding their award winning Seafood chowder to your Easter dinner this year. They will be open for curbside pick ups on Easter Sunday from 10am - 5pm.

Galley Hatch Restaurant, Hampton NH

Galley Hatch has made it known they will be open for BIDNESS on Easter Sunday from 11am - 8pm. Check out their Easter menu; Scallops wrapped in bacon, PRIME RIB, and I don't know what makes a Salmon Scottish but I'd love to eat one and find out!

Sawbelly Brewing, Exeter NH

Sawbelly is taking your reservations now for Easter! Green Eggs and Hammy is on the brunch menu, just sayin!

CR's, Hampton NH

They are open 11am-4pm and highly suggest making a reservation as seating is limited.

Little Miss Sophie's, Rochester NH

I love this place! Their eggs benedict was one of the best to ever grace my belly.

Shanty, Portsmouth NH

They have been in full March Madness mode over at the Shanty. It is unclear by their Facebook if they will offer any Easter specials but who says you can't eat fish n' chips on Easter?

The Nook Breakfast & Lunch

The outdoor patio is up and running and I even saw that they have Passover specials for my fellow HEbrews and SHEbrews. How inclusive!

If I missed any Seacoast eateries that will be open on Easter Sunday, let a sister know in the comments!

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