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Ever drive by a street sign and go "wow, I need that"?

No, I am not talking about stealing street signs. I am talking about the hilarious street names that you pass by and laugh out loud.

I was always so jealous of the people who grew up on those street names that were unique. After all, the Main Street and Elm Circle in every town are just boring.

In order to find out the funniest names, I needed to do some research. I decided to let you, the people of the state, help me in this search for the funniest street names in the state of New Hampshire.

There were some hilarious ones. There were also some runner-ups worth mentioning.

Runner-up: Helter Skelter Rd, Littleton NH:

I am not really sure what is so funny about this one, but it is.

Runner-up: Electric Ave, Penacook NH:

"We gonna rock down to..." Come on, you know the song. "Electric Avenue. And then we'll take it higher."

Runner-up: Tumbledown Dick Rd, Brookfield NH:

Okay, this one could have made the list...

Last but not least, for our honorable mentions...

Katie's Crotch Rd. Embden, ME.

I know I said silly street names in New Hampshire, and I will certainly get to the 15 best street names in the state of NH below. Ever since someone from the state of Maine told me of "Katie's Crotch...", they had to make this list somewhere in the honorable mentions.

Now, without further ado...the funniest street names in the state of New Hampshire.

Silly Street Names in New Hampshire

These are the funniest street names in the state of New Hampshire.

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