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Breakfast Diners in Maine

You wake up in the morning, your belly is grumbling, and you’re in need of a nice cup of Joe. Odds are, the thought of a warm, cozy, and classic diner is what tickles your fancy. If you live in Maine, where would you go?

Maine has countless breakfast and diner options scattered around the state and as a place filled with historic charm and character, we have diners that have stood the test of time.

What would you consider to be the best diner in the state?

Is it Daddy O’s in Oxford with its unique interior design and selfless charity work?

Would it be Maine’s oldest spot, Palace Diner, with its old-fashioned seating in a railcar?

Or maybe Miss Portland Diner, with its vintage dining-car space situated right in Portland?

This may be a subjective opinion but I personally think the ultimate diner experience has to have a retro, old-fashioned setting and vibe, classic breakfast options with nothing too crazy, and a simple coffee with no frills or fancies.

So, what is considered to be Maine’s ‘best’ diner?

Becky’s Dinah, Nothing Finah

Love Food curated a list of the best diner in every state and Maine’s ‘best’ is apparently Becky’s Diner in Portland.

Becky’s is an absolute classic and a place people flock to whether they are local or visiting tourists.

The diner has made a name for itself since 1991 when they first started serving home-cooked breakfast on Portland’s waterfront.

I don’t know if I would personally call it our ‘best’ diner in the entire state but it’s definitely one of the most iconic and well-known.

It’s also a place of consistency where you know you’re going to get a good meal in a cozy atmosphere, I mean just look at these photos of some of their breakfast items and you'll understand why there's always a wait to eat there:

10 Mouth-Watering Breakfast Items at Becky's Diner in Portland, Maine

There's Nothin Finah than Becky's Dinah and these photos show you why!

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