When you think about it, it's interesting how we compare cities and towns to each other on a local level.

For example, when you compare Portland, Maine, to say, T2 R9 WELS in Maine, Portland seems like a massively major city. Same thing when you compare Salem, New Hampshire (the one with Canobie Lake Park, not the Witches), to Berlin, New Hampshire -- Salem, although considered a town, seems like a massive city compared to Berlin.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

But, compare a Portland or a Salem to a Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, or even a Portland, Oregon, and suddenly that "massively major city" becomes a needle in a haystack.

That's what makes the 2023 Best Small Cities in America list compiled by WalletHub so great because it puts a spotlight on those cities that feel massive but are actually peanut-sized in the grand scheme.

Another great part of the list is the fact that a go-to Maine hotspot not just made the list, but was up toward the top, which should be to the shock of absolutely nobody.

Source: WalletHub

Portland, Maine, Named One of America's Best Small Cities

There is truly something for everyone in Portland, Maine. Love window shopping? Walk around Monument Square and the Old Port and there are plenty of little shops and boutiques to not only peek inside but, should you feel wild, go inside and poke around.

Love seeing killer sites? It may be next door in Cape Elizabeth, but since Portland is in the name, Portland Head Light casts its beauty overlooking a gorgeous coastal view. And, speaking of coastal, there are plenty of places to dine along the waterfront on Commercial Street.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Speaking of dining, there's some type of food for everyone. It's Maine, so obviously there is plenty of seafood, but on the rare occasion you're not a fan, you can grab a stellar burger at Shay's, a solid sandwich at Sisters Gourmet Deli, satisfy your vegetarian needs at Elevation Burger and other locations -- it doesn't matter what you crave, there's solid dining of all kinds all over Portland.

And the best part? Those highlights didn't even factor into WalletHub listing Portland as the 18th-best small city in the country. Some of the key factors, though? A very low unemployment rate, a high percentage of adults in fair health, and a low percentage of adults in poor health, plus other contributing factors.

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