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Thank goodness for Adam Sandler, and...Facebook.

The two have clashed to create entertainment gold for the people of New England and Adam Sandler fans worldwide.

As you know, Adam Sandler is one of the funniest actors of all time. Now, being from New Hampshire, we may be a little biased, as he was raised right in Manchester.

He is pretty active and supportive of the Granite State still to this day.

Best known for his early work in Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, and more, funny man Adam Sandler is well-known and liked across the world.

Adam Sandler is pretty regular-looking. It helps that he  acts just like your average joe, not caring what he looks like, wearing basketball shorts and puffy jackets, and never looking too flashy regardless of Hollywood status.

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But immediately, one doesn't look at Adam Sandler and think, 'huh that looks like every a guy I know..."

Turns out he does.

There is a Facebook group that exists called "People Who Kinda Look Like Adam Sandler but Aren't Adam Sandler."

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It is outrageously funny. I do not think the profile picture is a good representation, but get past that.

The rest of the nearly 6K in the group have great content. I am telling you that some of the pictures of people who look like Adam Sandler are so spot on, I actually think they may be related to THE Adam Sandler.

Check out the Facebook Group, and the "People Who Kinda Look Like Adam Sandler but Aren't Adam Sandler" here.

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