If this doesn't tug at your heartstrings, we don't know what will.

Seeing posts about animals up for adoption brings up feelings of both joy and sadness. Of course it's nice to see adorable pictures of dogs, cats, and other critters, but it's sad to know that they have yet to find forever homes. It's especially hard to see senior animals spend their golden years in a shelter rather than nestled in the arms of a loving family.

One of these senior kitties, Minnie, currently resides at the Pope Memorial Humane Society in Dover, New Hampshire.

Pope Memorial Humane Society NH via Facebook
Pope Memorial Humane Society NH via Facebook

Sweet Minnie is 20 years young, and was brought to the shelter after her owner unfortunately passed away.

Here's some more information about this lovable lady, according to this Facebook post from the shelter:

Minnie wants nothing more than a soft spot to lay her head and someone to adore her. Sunshine steaming through a window is a bonus for this sweet lady! She is arthritic and prefers not to be picked up but readily accepts gentle caresses. Minnie is very hard of hearing so a gentle tap to her blanket or bed will wake her from a long days nap. She will talk to you with her special “I’m hard of hearing” meow and softly purr for some chin rubs!

Here's a video of Minnie getting some well-deserved chin scratches.

As mentioned, Minnie is hard of hearing and arthritic due to her age, and would do best in a home without young children or other kitties, according to the Facebook post. Still, there's no doubt that Minnie would be the perfect addition for the right household, whose member(s) can shower her with the love and affection she deserves.

To learn more about Minnie, click here to view her profile on the shelter's website. You can also fill out an adoption application here, or email adoption@popememorialcvhs.org with any questions.

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