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What Is It About the Summer of 2021?

Have we all been cooped up too long?  Why is it that sometimes, people feel the need to lash out at the service industry?  Is it because we are able to say exactly what we wanted to say anonymously for so long now that we have no filter now when interacting with other actual human beings?

At the end of July 4th weekend, a customer tried to get seating for him and his large party.  According to the letter he sent to the Bluff, he was rude to her and sent a large tip and a letter.

Tammy Stirk Ramsey posted a letter on Seacoast Eats.

Tammy wanted everyone to know that sometimes, people take responsibility and do the right thing.  Here are her comments:

I take a lot of (s*&^) from people and most don’t apologize but this man went above and beyond to correct and acknowledge his actions. Very commendable and very appreciated! I wanted to share with others in the restaurant business. Sometimes good people just make bad decisions, but he was man enough to admit it and correct it......  Thank you for that mystery customer.


Here's the Text From the Letter

Can you please give this $100, along with my apology to the girl who was at the hostess station/podium taking names to be seated for dinner on Monday, July 5, at around 5-6pm.  I was very rude to her - which is out of character for me - I have way more respect for people than I showed that day.  Pre dinner cocktails before getting to the Bluff may have contributed - No excuse....

When our large party was having difficulty being seated and the wait was longer than I thought, I said loudly, "This is Bull&^%" to her and I left.  I feel bad.  This coming from a guy who tells people to be kind to service staff and tip big, post pandemic - how hypocritical.

I will apologize to her in person the next time I am in York - I have been going to York every year for the 4th of July week with my family for over 25 years - embarrassed.

You never want to be "that guy" and that day I was "that guy."  - sincerely sorry -

An embarrassed customer

Hats off to you, Mister!  I love that!  Sometimes, given the right circumstances, we all have made bad choices, but this guy did the right thing.  Love that!

The Union Bluff is Beautiful and You Could Work There

Anywhere on the water in Maine is beautiful, but The Union Bluff is exceptionally pretty.  Since 1868, it's welcomed visitors from all over the country.

The Union Bluff is also hiring!  Who wouldn't want to work in such a beautiful place?

Check out these pix:


Here's their Facebook post.  It's from a few months ago, but I bet they are still looking for help.  You know how the saying goes, "it's hard to get good help these days!"


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