Star Island is looking for workers to help them get through the summer season, and this may be a chance to live in a place that made the ultimate summer bucket list put together by officials at the NH Division of Travel and Tourism Development.

The owners posted this on Friday. This photo is from a previous year.

Photo by Kimberley Haas
Photo by Kimberley Haas

Being a Pelican can be an annual experience for some people. In 2019, a book was released about living and working on Star Island. It is called “Pelicans: Seasonal Workers of Star Island” and was written by Jennifer Moore, with photos from Anna Solo.

The Pelicans have traditions where they celebrate the holidays in the summer like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Star Island's Oceanic Hotel, located about 10 miles off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine, has welcomed guests since the 1870s.

It is one of New England's original grand hotels.

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