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What if going vegan was easier and more accessible to your average Joe or Jane? Would more people do it? What if it didn't cost so much more than eating the unhealthy way?

Odd Burger is a Vegan fast food chain that is changing the game for vegans and aspiring vegans alike:

They have French Toast made out of chia seeds, and burgers made out of chickpeas:

They've also got something called "wingalings", made from their very own "ChickUN". The prices are extremely fair, and the menu is huge!

You can get anything from a ChickUN Caesar Wrap...

...to poutine...

...and a delicious "Facon" breakfast sandwich (behold, the Faconator):

It all started in Canada, but it's making its way to 25 states, including New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The vegan fast food market is expanding, and The Beet states it is estimated to be worth $40 billion by the year 2028. Wowza.

For more info on specific locations and opening dates, follow Odd Burger on Instagram.

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