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This is one of those moments when you're watching the Red Sox play at Fenway Park on TV and a kind gesture turns into disaster for two young boys.

Practically every kid who has ever gone to Fenway Park dreams of catching a foul ball. That goes for adults too. I've been going to Fenway for as long as I can remember and have never caught a ball, but I think if I did as an adult I would want to give it to some young Red Sox fan nearby. Just being able to catch it would be enough of a thrill for me. Keeping it would be a lifetime thrill for a youngster.

I'm not the only one who would be that generous, as we saw during the Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway on Sunday. Yankees outfielder Jake Bauers was up at the plate and hit a high, fly ball up into the Coca-Cola seats in left field. A generous fan caught the ball and handed it to a young boy named Charlie two rows back. Charlie took the ball and then immediately threw it back onto the field.

His older brother, Jack, kind of lost it, breaking out in tears after what Charlie had done. Can you blame him though? Take a look at the video.

After talking with the field reporter for NESN, the Red Sox grabbed a whole bunch of schwag for the boys, including another ball signed by the NESN crew and a #74 Red Sox jersey signed by Kenley Jansen.

One of the best videos out there of this comes from Baseball Maniacs on YouTube. If you're a Curb You're Enthusiasm fan, you'll understand.

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