It just makes no sense. I get that this time of year can be really rough for some people who either lost family members or aren't close with family, but for most people, this is the most wonderful time of the year. And it's been shown!

Between the Mainer who is giving $1000 tips to restaurant servers, the story of the Granite Stater who is leaving Christmas stockings around Rochester to honor her daughter, and plenty of other examples -- we've seen how amazing most everyone can be around this time of year.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, there are some people that are either so miserable during this time of year or just lack human compassion, that they're legitimately destroying their fellow neighbors Christmas displays.

The ice sculptures in Henry Law Park in Dover were destroyed

Example 1 comes out of Dover, where these amazing ice sculptures were placed right by the sign for Henry Law Park in the downtown area.

Cassandra Driscoll
Cassandra Driscoll

I have no first-hand experience in carving blocks of ice into anything that remotely looks cool (probably because I'd take out a couple limbs with the chainsaw that would be used for sculpting), but it looks insanely tedious and like it takes a lot of hard time and hard work.

That's why it's so infuriating to know that some scumbags decided to ruin someone else's hard work by destroying those four ice sculptures. Not only did they knock them over, but they clearly decided to add insult to injury and smash the remnants on the street as well.

Marvin Marsh
Marvin Marsh

For what? What's the point? Do you feel like a real tough guy/tough gal? Do you feel like a bigger, stronger deal now? Do you feel like just because you're miserable during this time of year, the fact you just destroyed someone's hard work and exhibiting of their Christmas spirit -- do you feel better now that you tried to make them feel as bad as you feel?

Christmas Lights and Displays in Rochester are being destroyed

In the You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you... group on Facebook, there have been multiple posts in the past week bringing up Christmas light thefts in the area. On one post by a woman named Beth Laura simply inquiring if anyone else has had their Christmas lights stolen, multiple people responded that they had experienced the same thing at their homes. Either lights had been stolen or displays had been knocked down.

In fact, a woman named Missy Maxfield posted a video showing two young boys walking right up her yard in the middle of the day and pulling a light out, then literally looking up at the camera and continuing on down the sidewalk.


Possible Christmas vandalism was seen in Lee, too

I can't say this is completely factual, but based on all the vandalism that's happened with Christmas displays around the state, there's a solid chance this was much of the same. I noticed pretty early on in the season, either just before or right around Thanksgiving, a house right near Mast Way Elementary School in Lee had massive blowup Christmas directions.

But then all of the reports of vandalism of Christmas displays started popping up, and the deflation made a lot more sense.

They had been blown up, on display, quite honestly looking amazing for days. Then, one morning as I was driving by just before 5a, I noticed that every single blowup decoration had been deflated. At first, I assumed that perhaps the owners did it for some reason to reposition them the next day. But then all of the reports of vandalism of Christmas displays started popping up, and the deflation made a lot more sense.

To those that are vandalizing other peoples' hard work and spirit of the season -- legitimately bringing joy to other humans -- just remember. Karma ALWAYS comes back around in one way or another. Maybe do some good acts to counteract your scumbag actions, get some good juju flowing, and right the ship before it's too late.

Like they say -- Santa is always watching.

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