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In 2020, Netflix rebooted the popular 90s series “Unsolved Mysteries.” While most were darker and sadder than the tales Robert Stack shared nearly 30 years ago, there was one episode that stood out for being entertaining, and kind of funny.

And it all happened right here in New England.

In most UFO stories, credible or not, the aliens tend to come prepared. They’re meticulous in examining their victims, often leaving them confused and haunted for life, like Portsmouth’s Barney and Betty Hill.

But what’s unique about the “Berkshires UFO” episode is that, if true, these were the dumbest aliens to “invade” Earth since the crew that supposedly pulled a Captain Sully right into the desert outside Area 51.

I won’t give away all the details, as the episode is a good watch and a fun alternative to most spooky season programming. But the gist is this: about 40 people in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, reported witnessing a UFO one night in 1969.

Multiple people were then reportedly abducted and had vivid memories of their experience inside a bizarre white orb – the UFO. Now, plenty of people can have false memories stemming from dreams, or perhaps a fever, other illness, or plants that weren’t yet legal. But whatever was piloting this alleged craft made a pretty crucial mistake.

Rather than being returned to the site of their abductions, the victims were dropped nowhere near their last earthy place of memory. One victim was dropped at the opposite end of his property. Another landed near a lake so far away that she had to walk home.

So, when a bunch of people in town pass each other on the road, all returning from the wrong location, they’re bound to talk (which they did, thereby blowing any secrecy their captors hoped to achieve).

And believe it or not, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these sloppy aliens.

I urge you to check out the episode, and understand this is why I continue to remain skeptical to indifferent about aliens visiting our community.

Sorry, but I refuse to be afraid of any planned abduction that is less efficient than FedEx.

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