We're no strangers here in Maine to seeing the ultra-wealthy dock their massive floating mansions on the docks at one of hundreds are amazingly beautiful ports. Even though we're used to it, it's still remarkable when a yacht of THIS size shows up.

According to many people on Facebook, Instagram and even WGME, a gigayacht has docked in Portland. Now, to be fair, I had no idea what a gigayacht even was until I read a little further into it.

The Portland Press Herald explained in part that "a yacht is typically at least 30 feet long, a superyacht is 80-100 feet long, a megayacht is 200 feet, and a gigayacht is over 300 feet long."

The yacht, currently docked in Portland Harbor, is a whopping 453 feet in length, WGME reported, and is run by a crew of 45 people and features at least half a dozen decks, has a built-in wine cellar, movie theater, fitness gym and is equipped with more than 82 rooms.

But, how how does a yacht of this size COST? I mean, it has to be a few thousand bucks, right?

In fact, this astonishing piece of nautical equipment cost a staggering $400+ million to build, according to WGME.

Who has that kind of money and the desire to build such a floating palace? None other than David Geffen.

But who the heck is David Geffen?

According to Forbes, Geffen is the cofounder of Dreamworks Animation and "the founder of record labels Asylum Records, Geffen Records and DGC Records."

Forbes states that as of August 2023, he's worth over $7 billion. With a B.

For a little more insight into just how LAVISH this sailing paradise is, check out this YouTube video we came across that provides even more info (and pictures!) of this epic gigayacht.

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