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Did Diddy Buy Massachusetts?

It was a wild ride over the weekend in New England, at least for a quick bit of time anyway. Because after a screenshot of a tweet involving Sean "Diddy" Combs and Massachusetts was posted to the Only in Boston Instagram page, residents thought Diddy bought Massachusetts.

Spoiler: He didn't.

But he is investing in Mass and a couple of other states, too.

Getty Images / Michael Baccin
Getty Images / Michael Baccin

Diddy Officially in the Cannabis Game

Other than the confusion that Diddy bought an entire state, the major headline, according to Boston.com, was that if his proposed deals are accepted, Diddy has positioned himself to "create the world's largest Black-owned cannabis company."

He's currently working on acquiring marijuana operations based in Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois, as reported by Boston.com for $185 million. The Massachusetts operations include retail stores and production facilities in Greenfield, Worcester, and Leicester.

Jeff W / Add Weed
Jeff W / Add Weed

So Why Did People Think Diddy Bought Massachusetts?

The whole confusion was based on the screenshot Only in Boston posted on their Insta from their own Twitter page. Because, for whatever reason -- and maybe it was possible censorship from Instagram, who is owned by Meta, who also owns Facebook and has heavily censored content over the last couple of years -- Only in Boston edited one of the words in their Insta post.

Because they blocked out the "n" and the "i" in "cannabis," residents had no idea what was going on, based on the comments section.

"I honestly thought you were saying Diddy was acquiring Massachusetts." - chrlsnyc


"I had to read that an embarrassing amount of times before I understood… And still thought it was some sort of canning company before I got to the comments." - robinlindsay


"I thought I was having a stroke reading this." - thirdpea


"Yo I read this like 'what that even mean?' - brosefinalopez


In comparison, their Twitter post went up unedited.

Now that the questions on what Diddy actually bought have been answered, there's really only one question left to ask.

Do you think he'll go back to his old nickname of "Puff Daddy" for this new cannabis business? Because seriously, how perfect is that?

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