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This place will knock your socks off.

Jimmy's Jazz & Blues Club opened under two years ago in Portsmouth, and made a name for itself as a venue with both excellent cuisine and a year-round lineup of jazz and blues performers from across the country.

According to the Club's website, the original space was constructed in 1905 for the local YMCA, but the upper floors had been deserted since the 1950s...that is, until brothers Michael and Peter Labrie transformed it into Jimmy's.

Last year, this writer visited Jimmy's with a couple girlfriends. The three of us were very impressed and loved the intimate, elegant atmosphere.

Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media
Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media

Our seats were in the sky bar area, which, despite the obstructive view of the stage, still made for an enjoyable evening thanks to the large windows opening the space up and allowing us to feel involved rather than secluded.

Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media
Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media

It turned out that the view didn't matter, as we ultimately wanted to socialize with music in the background.

Despite being advertised as a club, staff did remind visitors to keep voices down during the performance, which could be a bummer for those who want a louder atmosphere. Since the bar was off to the side, those of us there could still get away with subtle whispering.

That said, if you're looking to quietly and attentively listen to music, sitting in the mainstage area might be the best bet for you. There are also other seating areas like the Library, Casablanca Room, and Elle's Bar, Living Room and Balcony that could be viable options.

One other thing to note about Jimmy's: unless you reserve an entire table, you may wind up sitting at a table with strangers across from or next to you. Fortunately for us, we were seated with a young couple who couldn't have been nicer.

All in all, we had a wonderful experience at Jimmy's Jazz & Blues Club, and this writer highly recommends paying them a visit. Maybe for date night, perhaps? After all, Valentine's Day will soon be here.

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