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It's post-pandemic, and many of us feel like we want to bust out of our skin. Think about it.  We are three years into a life-changing virus that's rocked our mental health with feelings of isolation and stress.

More and more people are coming out of the Covid life with new expectations, new exercise routines, and reformed eating habits.  There is another part of our health that tends to be neglected though, and it's more important than ever to learn how to deal with and care for our minds.  Yes, our mental health has never been more important following the isolation that the pandemic brought us.

This is where horses can play a role in your mental health.  There's a program at Great Heights Stable, LLC in Berwick, Maine that provides the opportunity to experience mindfulness and meditation in a small group setting.

"Meditation With Horses" happens every Sunday from 12-1 pm at the stables, providing a quiet time to be one with nature, fresh air, and the calmness that animals can bring into our lives.  Set aside your devices, technology, and any unproductive thinking, and instead bring forth the healing power of horses as you put your yoga mat among the horses, ponies, and donkey.

Let go of your anxieties and self-doubt by focusing on being still and meditating on each moment in the midst of a calm and welcoming environment amongst nature.

According to Kay Hammond on the Great Heights Stable Facebook page, "A horse has a 25ft oval of energy extending directly around them, we have a 10ft ring of energy - therefore when we are 35 ft apart we are still touching the horse. Our emotions are important when we approach our equines."

Does this sound too weird for you?  Don't let it be.

It's all about balance, and any horse lover will tell you the power of being around these beautiful animals.  It's the same feeling dog owners have when they are cheerfully greeted at the door following a hard day's work.  You don't know until you take the first step and try it.

Robin Pierce, M.S.ED, C.A.G.S. of Great Heights Stables says, "Horses are fully attuned with their bodies and their environments, fully present at all times, and can really provide a catalyst for change within us, passively encouraging us to follow their example.  We also get to capitalize on horses stronger energy fields, that influence our own body systems when we stand passively near them."

The fee is $20 per session and can be transformational.

You can check out information at Great Heights Stables, 93 Guinea Road, Berwick, Maine.  The Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce also supports the class on their website.

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