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Unwanted Gifts

Most of us run into it every single holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or a combination of the three, there's a chance that we end up with gifts that we have too much of, no use for, or no interest in.

If we're decent humans, the gift-givers will never know that and we'll put on Oscar Award-worthy performances of appreciation on the outside, while on the inside our gears are turning on how we can unload what we just opened.

Freestocks / Joel Muniz
Freestocks / Joel Muniz

But if we're decent humans, we also want to help others -- especially fellow Mainers.

Especially Maine moms. Who always just seem to be a different breed of mom. But just because they're a different breed doesn't mean they're not still in need of some things that others have too much of.

And that's where Maine Needs is stepping in.

Maine Needs

If you're like me and a newer Maine resident, or maybe somehow you've just never heard of it, Maine Needs -- according to their Instagram page -- is a community donation center run by volunteers. Always trying to do good and bring good to individuals and families in Maine.

And that includes something as simple as giving a boost to Moms across Vacationland with "Mom Kits" made up of tons of items that we may now have to spare following the holidays.

Hair accessories, pedicure kits, handmade soaps, face masks, lotion, even chocolate -- anything that can give mom a little boost and self-pamper is fair game for these Mom Kits that Maine Needs are creating.

Because they're a volunteer-run nonprofit, unfortunately, there are only certain days and times when donations can be accepted. And although a couple of donation times have already come and gone, there are still a couple left before the deadline hits and these kits get completed and put in the hands of mothers around the 207.

This Thursday, January 5 from 10a-Noon and Saturday, January 7 from 10a-Noon, are the last two times to donate your "little extras" to Maine Needs. You can drop any items you want to contribute at their donation center, located at University Plaza (332 Forest Ave in Portland -- right next to Oakhurst Dairy.)

Google Maps
Google Maps

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