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Mother Nature has spoken: with the impending storm, it looks like winter's going to be making itself at home here for quite a while.

By this time tomorrow, most of us will be getting absolutely buried in snow. Right now, you're probably planning your run to the grocery store after work, where you'll be fighting the crowds to stock up on the essentials (can't forget the bread and milk), and of course, your favorite snacks.

Even though the Seacoast has been spared up to this point from getting literal feet of snow in one go, it was only a matter of time before a real whopper of a storm made its way to New England.

The good news is that more snow means means more winter activities for us, and there is no shortage of entertaining things to do this time of year. Even if you'd rather be sunbathing on a beach with a mimosa in your hand and listening to 'Toes' by Zac Brown Band (slowly puts hand up), these exciting happenings are sure to add some frosty fun to your winter.

Without further ado, here are 15 exciting winter happenings perfect for your New Hampshire winter bucket list.

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