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So, how are you with heights?

Me? I'm not a big fan. I have tried to overcome my fear with not a lot of success. However, it doesn't stop me from being absolutely fascinated with videos that will make any acrophobic's legs weaken.

And now, thanks to Erik Valliant at Landy French Construction, we scaredy-cats can all freak out together. Take a look from the crane's cab that's working on the future 18-story apartment building in downtown Portland.

The future skyscraper will be the tallest building in Maine, but not before nearly a year of work is to be done. And, according to developer Catherine Culley, one man will be running that crane. His name is Jason. He's a veteran and lives in Sebago. He will also have the best seat in Maine for the next year. Or, as I would put it, he is living my nightmare. Here's a look at some of Jason's views over the next several months.


Whelp, I'm officially dead.

The crane itself took road closures and even another crane to install it. According to the Portland Press Herald, the project is expected to be finished around late summer or fall of 2023. It will mostly be studio and one-bedroom apartments.

The 250 ft crane isn't going anywhere for a while. Catherine told me it's expected to be on site for the next 11 months. Have fun, Jason. Better you than me. But, keep the images coming.

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