Holidays for the Troops are Tough


Holidays for the troops are hard but this time of year can be even harder on their families.  It’s tough being away from loved ones for a long time and adding a pandemic on top of that and the holiday season is a whopper.  Now add to that stress that you are a newlywed.  That’s just what Jaime Legendre was experiencing according to


Newly Married


The administrative assistant was newly married when her husband Jason was deployed.  In fact, the couple eloped just one month before Jason was deployed with the Maine National Guard.  Knowing that he was due to come home soon, Jaime told Jason that she didn’t what to know the exact date he was coming home because the date could change “at the drop of a dime,” she told McClatchy News according to She knew he was to come home soon.


She springs into his open arms


Friends at her job were in on the couple reuniting.  Someone at the York Police department told her that someone was in the lobby and needed something from her.  When she went down to check it out and saw Jason she ran and jumped into his arms.    Since the couple eloped, they plan to have a big wedding celebration in 2022.  Good timing since the pandemic restrictions would have made for a weird wedding in 2020. Now they can celebrate without the stress.  They share a home with three dogs and two cats who are probably very happy to see their owner after a long deployment.  Thank you for your service, Jason Legendre, and thank you Jaime for being such a good support system for him.



I so love this...totally made me smile.

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