Time for Lights of Love to Shine

It’s that time of year, the crisp fall air has turned to chilly, and people are getting ready for the holiday season.

The season would not be complete without the Lights of Love event held by Cornerstone VNA including volunteers from the former Frisbie Hospital Auxiliary Board, according to Rochester City Officials.

The Inspiration for Lights of Love

Jane Cooper Fall was the inspiration behind the annual Lights of Love event, which has been a fixture in Rochester for over 30 years, as she started it to honor those that had touched lives in a positive way, according to Cornerstone VNA.

There will be hundreds of lights shining on names, and this year will be a virtual event.  You will be able to view it at cornerstonevna.org/lightsoflove.

The event will start on December 1 this year and can be watched on the website throughout the holiday season.

Great Way to Honor Those Who Touched Your Life

By submitting a name to Lights of Love, you can show a person who touched your life.  You can submit the name of a special person by November 15 to be included.

If you submit the name after you it will be added after the beginning of the event per city officials.  The donation is just $5 to show someone how much you really care.

For more information on the event, you can contact cornerstonevna.org or call at 800-691-1133.  Let the lights shine on for all.

Here's a toast to all who have touched our lives...

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