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People started their Tuesday mornings to find mixed results to the first true Nor'easter for Maine and New Hampshire in 2021. Many parts of the states, including the Seacoast region, got a ton of snowfall. Others, however, fell short in terms of total accumulation. So if you're feeling a little disappointed that you didn't wake up inside a personal igloo of two feet of snow, you'll get another chance to dig out next week.

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Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, less than a week after one Nor'easter hits New England, another gem is already churning. Conditions seemed ripe for the Groundhog Day storm to wallop Maine and New Hampshire and if the patterns continue to hold, this next storm could bring just as much, or perhaps even more, fluffy snow to the Seacoast and beyond.

The next Nor'easter should arrive late-Sunday night into Monday, according to early projections. The storm is still too far out to make accurate snowfall predictions, but unless something drastically tears apart the storm over the next few days, you can reasonably expect to be firing up those snowblowers again next week.

So while January was an absolute bust for winter weather enthusiasts, February seems primed to make up the difference. Perhaps the groundhog will end up being accurate this year; six more weeks of winter is starting to look like a really good forecast.

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