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You know when you think you’re gonna have to run to the store to get dinner, then at the last minute you find a bunch of frozen pizzas and it feels like a miracle?

Well, this isn’t DiGiorno, but it might be divine.

With Easter just a week away, a New England priest says his parish may have experienced a miracle, when the church’s Communion hosts allegedly “multiplied” in the middle of Mass.

It happened earlier this month at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Thomaston, Connecticut. That’s where a Eucharistic minister was close to running out of hosts, and after looking around for help, glanced down to find more hosts in the ciborium.

Or as Father Joseph Crowley told Connecticut news station WFSB:

“What happened is our lord multiplied himself.”


The Archdiocese of Hartford is now looking into the possibility that a miracle occurred at St. Thomas Catholic Church, a process WFSB says can take about a week.

Though raised Catholic, I am admittedly unfamiliar with the miracle verification process, but it is impressive that it takes just half as long as it does to receive a physical copy of a new driver’s license in the mail.

And admittedly, I typically search for the “logic” in the unexplained. But I’ve never heard any of my magician friends break out the old host/ciborium trick.

So…okay. Maybe there was a Communion miracle at Mass in Connecticut. One churchgoer was quoted as saying: “I feel like it gives people hope.”

And as we approach an Easter when hope, and eggs, aren't cheap, why not go with it?

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