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For as long as there has been injuries, accidents, and fatalities, people have needed nurses. Nursing is often a profession that does not get enough credit. They deal with some serious...you know what. Literally.

For the past three years especially, nurses have not been given enough praise or money for what they have done. They just have not.

They were the frontline workers in the pandemic, and still continue to put themselves at risk every day. So, I decided to find out where the best states are to be a nurse.

If you're going to work as a nurse, you might as well pick a top 10 state to be a nurse in.

Source: WalletHub

Apparently, four New England States rank in the top 10, according to a WalletHub article.

Worth more celebration, Maine (2) and New Hampshire (4) actually rank in the top five states to be a nurse, according to the article.

To develop the methodology behind finding out what states were the best to have a nursing job, WalletHub first broke down the research into two categories: "Opportunity and Competition" and "Work  Environment." Each category had a very specific scoring system.

Happy young nurse with an old patient
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Maine was actually ranked #1 for Work Environment. New Hampshire was ranked #9 for  Work Environment and #14 for Opportunity and Competition.

The average amount of points in both categories leads to the ranking.

The top 10 are as follows: Washington (1), Maine, New Mexico, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, Arizona, Montana, Rhode Island, Connecticut (10).

Nurse smiling at the patient lying in bed.
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The worst states to be a nurse are: Mississippi (46), Arkansas, Hawaii, Alabama, Oklahoma (50).

Regardless of where you are a nurse, you are appreciated.

For more specific rankings, and to see the whole list, click here.

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