It's a boy..and everyone in parts of two states knows it.

A loud explosion on Tuesday night originated at the Torromeo Industries quarry in Kingston was part of a gender reveal party around 7 p.m. Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr. told NBC Boston. The good news was felt for miles around with people for a 20 mile radius reporting they heard the explosion.

It was a mystery as to what caused the explosion with social media speculating it was possibly an earthquake or an accident involving a truck. Commenters on the Rockingham Alert Facebook page reported feeling it in Plaistow, Newton, North Hampton, East Kingston, Newmarket and Merrimac, Hampstead and Atkinson.

"Heard in Newfields. Thought someone was in driveway and slammed doors hard," Julie Bunker-Wachter wrote.

"In Plaistow... house shook. Felt like a a tree hit the house," Melanie Hill wrote.

"I’m also in EK, shook our house and heard a boom," Sue Maxwell wrote.

Briggs told the Union Leader that over a pound of tannerite and blue chalk was found at the quarry and they are looking to find the proud parents to be and find out if they had permission to be at the property off Dorre Road.

Resident Matt Taglieri told NBC Boston that the explosion cracked the foundation of one nearby resident's home.

Briggs said there were no injuries from the explosion.

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