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NBA Finals in Boston

Last night, for the first time in 12 years, there was an NBA Finals game in Boston at TD Garden as our Boston Celtics hosted the Golden State Warriors in Game 3. With the series tied at one win a piece, there was not only a lot of hype around not just Boston but New England in general with such an important game being played at home, but also lots of celebrities in the area for the game.

Boston Duck Tours

For tourists and even locals, the Duck Tours around Boston are always a highlight (especially on championship parade days) of the city. And as a special treat, on big days in the city like yesterday, odds are while on a Duck Tour, customers will get to see celebrities, and that's exactly what happened on Dalton Street in the Back Bay section of Boston as one tour came across Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr standing on the sidewalk with a few people, one of which was championship golfer Michelle Wie West.

onlyinbos via Instagram
onlyinbos via Instagram

And that's when the hilarity ensued.

Boston Sports Fans are the Worst (but also the Best)

Let's call a spade a spade -- Boston (and possibly New England in general) may be the worst sports fans (at least professional sports fans) in the country. We're loud, we talk some heinous smack, and occasionally we streak. So, in holding up with the Boston/New England sports fan way, the conductor on the Duck Tour that came across Steve Kerr yesterday talked a little smack to the coach (in response to a one-liner from Steve), with just one line:

"World Championship parades happen on these bad boys."

Truthfully, though, the conductor wasn't disrespectful to Steve at all, also tossing in a "love ya buddy" and a "Go Wildcats," referencing the University of Arizona Wildcats team that Steve played for back in the 80s, before becoming an NBA championship player and coach.

Maybe the conductor got in the coach's head, maybe it was good juju, or maybe it had no impact at all, but regardless, the Celtics went on to beat the Warriors by 16 last night to take a two-games-to-one lead in the Finals, and outplayed them the entire game as well.

And as far as Celtics fans go? They celebrated the first Finals game win in 12 years as if the championship was clinched last night.

Two more games and the real championship celebration can begin, but there's a long way to go. Go C's!

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