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It was equal parts investigation fun and absolute sarcasm in The (un)Official City of Dover, NH Facebook Group over the weekend, while everyone tried identifying a mysterious animal.

It all started when Mark Borst posted a picture of strange tracks in nothing but fresh powder...

Mark Borst via Facebook
Mark Borst via Facebook

Immediately, some people dipped into the "tracking expert" of their brains and tried identifying what animal it could've been, with some commenters suggesting it's a moose, some saying it's a squirrel, and even one commenter saying it looked like a rabbit that came and left the same way.

Then there was this one:

It looks like a baby moose just kept face washing itself.

And also this one:


Full disclosure -- those last two were me. But seriously, those weren't the only sarcastic comments on there, with some commenters coming in with suggestions of a chupacabra, sasquatch, and even a manbearpig.

Some commenters even suggested that it could've been a kangaroo, which, I honestly can't tell if they were serious or not. I mean, they had to be joking, right? Kangaroos in New Hampshire? Just...no.

It seemed like in all seriousness, the general (serious) consensus was either a deer or moose, probably more a moose because of the size of the prints.

But I'm still all in on Rudolph leading the way for the other 8 during a test run, because the world has been wonky since at least 2020.

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